Gas Cylinder

High pressure Industrial Seamless Gas cylinder

BPC manufactures high-pressure industrial gas cylinders for storage of gases like oxygen, argon, hydrogen, nitrogen, methane, helium, air, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide etc.

Range: upto 62 liters water capacity.
Filling pressure: upto 280 Kg/ cm2
Code: IS 7285 (part II & part I) 2004/ ISO 9809 Part I


CNG on board cylinders

Water Capacity 20 to 200 ltrs.
Diameters 232 mm to 406 mm
Filling pressure 204 Kg/cm2
Test Pressure 340 Kg/cm2

  Code IS 15490:2004/ ISO 11439:2000 Or any international standard agency under third party inspection


CNG Cascades: IS 7285 (part II)

Water Capacity 500 to 45,000 ltrs.
Filling pressure 255Kg/cm2
Test Pressure 435 Kg/cm2
Code IS 7285 (part II) : 2004


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