Engineering Capabilities:
The backbone of our engineering capabilities is our highly dedicated and professional engineering team using the latest technology and computer aided tools for design, system analysis, thermal calculations, electrical and operational control etc.

Manufacturing capabilities:
We have most modern and sophisticated in-house facilities under one roof for machining, heat treatment, fabrication, inspection and assembly and testing of entire range of our products Highlight of BPC’s manufacturing facilities are:

1. Horizontal Borer having spindle diameter 210 mm with digital read out system.

2. Honing machine having honing capacity from dia 35 mm to 770 mm and vertical traverse up to 2000 mm.

3. Vertical boring machine up to table dia 2500 mm

4. Jig boring machine having table size 2000 X 1000 mm and travel up to 1400 mm.

5. Electrical furnace utpo size 1600x3500 mm, 1000 deg c

6. Fully equipped fabrication shop having latest welding machines electrode drying ovens.

7. Dynamic balancing machine up to swing dia 1300 mm and center distance 4000 mm which can accommodate weight upto 1000 Kg.

8. CNC hot spinning machine for manufacturing high pressure seamless Gas cylinder upto outside diameter 406 mm.

In house testing and inspection capabilities:

Chemical testing:
1. Chemical analysis of all ferrous, Non-ferrous metals and its alloys by spectrophotometer.

2. Testing of quality of paint as per I.S. : 4379

3. Testing viscosity, Flash point & specific gravity of oil e.g. LDO, HSD, Furnace oil etc.

Mechanical testing
UTS, % elongation, % RA, bend test, Charpy impact test (upto temp. of minus 50 deg. C), Hardness (Vickers, Rockwell & brinell), spring stiffness (tension and compression) & shore hardness testing. Our universal tesing machine & impact testing machine (charpy) are calibrated yearly by NABL accredited testing agency.

Calibration of all type of instruments carried out with our Master Instruments calibrated by National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi.

Metallography Lab:
BPC have facilities to detect internal structure of ferrous / Non –ferrous metals and its alloys and predict mechanical properties of metals with the help of Metallurgical Microscope, Model Neo photo-2 with magnification up to 2000X

Non-destructive testing facilities:
1. All non-destructive tests are performed and evaluated by ASNT LEVEL-1 and ASNT LEVEL-2 qualified personnel.

2. BPC have BARC approved Radiography Lab with full fledged facilities of radiographic testing using x-ray and gama-ray with complete film processing and developing facilities.

3. Complete facility of Ultrasonic testing of rolled and forged items.

4. Complete facilities of MPI and LPT.

5. Measurement of both wet and dry film thickness of paint.

Quality Control facilities:
BPCL is equipped with several of type of testing facility and can undertake testing work for other industries too. Mechanical Laboratory is having following machine facility for testing

1. Analog cum Computerized Universal Testing Machine with measuring range (kN) from 0 to 600

2. Spectrometer for checking ferrous and non-ferrous material:

a. Steels and nickel alloys

b. Cast irons

c. Al, Zn, Mg base samples

d. Cu base samples

3. Universal Pendulum Impact Testing Machines

a. Charpy test

b. Izol test

c. Impact test

4 Hardness Testing Machine

a. Radiography Lab : BPC os having facility to carry out radiography test. In our lab, we have x ray / Y ray and testing can be done up to 40 / 70 mm thick plate.

5 Chemical lab : for chemical analysis of material

6 Standards Room : BPC is having latest sophisticated measuring instruments.

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